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Reunion Project


The Reunion Project is the "R" in HEARTS and provides an important genealogical component with the mission to connect descendants of this land. 


Many descendants of enslaved people seek connections to their heritage, which is often difficult due to a lack of documentation.  Through the Reunion Project, we are bridging new connections bringing people together and building community.


The Reunion Project has documented direct connections to this land's history to the surrounding historic African American communities of Long Creek, Miranda, Pottstown, and Smithville, and is currently building collections specific to these communities and historic African American sites in this region.

In addition, the project is seeking connections to the Native American heritage of this site as well.  Home to Paleo Indians and the tribes of their descendants for thousands of years, the Reunion Project is also researching, collecting, and documenting this important history of the land.

Stories learned from these connections and collections will be shared at HEARTS events throughout the year, with an annual celebration of the Reunion Project each year for the Junion HEARTS event, which began in 2022.

If you are interested in participating in the Reunion Project, please complete this brief survey:

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