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Junion Video is Out!

If you missed our June HEARTS event, "Junion," we have the video for you! Click here for the link.

We hope you enjoy the soulful sounds of the Stroller Singers and Messengers of Torrence Chapel AME Zion church sharing historic songs, as well as our keynote speaker, Andre' Kearns, who shares his engaging story of tracing his ancestry back to Charlotte Kerns, a woman who was enslaved to James G. Torrance, the man who built the Cedar Grove plantation.

Mr. Kearns shares his approach to genealogy, how he applied it to trace his connection back to Cedar Grove, and how his journey has helped to inspire the HEARTS Reunion genealogy initiative (the “R” in HEARTS). Mr. Kearns is a genealogist, speaker, and writer, who serves on the board of the National Genealogical Society. He holds a BA in Business Administration from Morehouse College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Thank you Kyle Scharf for videoing this event.

HEARTS (History, Ecology, Art, Reunion, Trails, Store) is a mission of the non-profit Hugh Torance House and Store, “Junion,” was their June 2022 event honoring connections of the Reunion Project.

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