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HEARTS Healing History ‘24: Wild in the Garden

Garden in a natural space with wild flowers in bloom

When we hear ‘healing arts,’ we envision traditional methods that cure our bodies, but can holistic gardening practices help heal our planet? Find out at HEARTS Healing History 24: Wild in the Garden, featuring history, nature, live music, and more.

Designed to inspire and enhance our community’s shared sense of place, HEARTS grass-roots events are known for juxtaposing regional history and ecology with curated local music and art in multi-faceted, place-based programs. It all happens on Saturday, July 20th, from 2:00-5:00 at Huntersville’s historic Cedar Grove, 8229 Gilead Road, Huntersville, NC, and next door at the Hugh Torance House and Store. Secure your free tickets at and show your support with a donation. Every contribution is appreciated.

gardener pointing at the plant in a natural space
Join us for an enlightening talk on native gardening, showcasing the expertise of Aaron Kampe, a renowned botanist and passionate gardener. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of native plants and sustainable gardening practices.

Healing History 24’s featured speaker is Aaron Kampe, sharing the history and practice of the naturalistic gardening movement. Also known as natural gardening or wild gardening, this approach to landscaping seeks to mirror the natural environment, using native plants to create a space that looks and functions like a naturally occurring ecosystem. The goal is to foster biodiversity, support local wildlife, and create a low-maintenance garden that thrives with minimal human intervention.

“While gardening popularity is on the rise, if we don't integrate rewilding and habitat conservation with design we're unlikely to build enough momentum to get the American public to embrace more naturalistic spaces in a public setting. The best place to start is with understanding the history, practice, and future goals of nature-based gardening,” shared Kampe.

Flower garden with wild flowers
"The appreciation for native plants is growing, and rightly so- they've evolved incredibly complex relationships with their environment over millennia and are well adapted to local conditions. The pink flower here is Echinacea, a stalwart of the native garden." Aaron Kampe

Kampe is a member of the International Dendrological Society and his garden has been featured on BBC’s Gardener’s World. Together with his young daughter, he hosts the Botany for Kids channel on YouTube. His company, Elk Haven Herbals, specializes in the medicinal use of plants. In the last decade, he has created, designed, and developed over a dozen niche retail products, some of which sell worldwide.

Healing History's featured Eco-minutes spotlight simple backyard herbal remedies for a natural approach to health for common ailments.


Singer, song writer playing music
The talented singer-songwriter Christy Snow will perform at HEARTS Healing History '24.

And to heal your soul, Healing History’s musical guest is Christy Snow, a talented Charlotte-based singer/songwriter, speaker, writer, workshop, and retreat facilitator. Through life-affirming lyrics and messages, her music empowers listeners to live their best lives and share their unique expression in the world while promoting authenticity and equality.


The Junion exhibit in the Cedar Grove Center Hall presented by HEARTS Reunion Project continues this month through HEARTS August event.

History house with flowers on the table

The Reunion Project is the "R" in HEARTS providing an important genealogical component to help descendants of the enslaved connect to their heritage, which is often difficult due to a lack of documentation. The exhibit features a list of 143 names of enslaved people at Cedar Grove compiled through the research of genealogist Andre’ Kearns. Kearns is a descendant of Charlotte Kerns whose name is fourth on the list. These names will be a part of the 10 Million Names project, a national initiative to honor the estimated 10 million people enslaved in this country before emancipation. Featured on the walls of the hallway, enlarged pages from one of the sources for the names, “The Ages of Negroes,” a journal kept by James G. Torrance are displayed.

Guests are invited to share their words on their experience at Cedar Grove for a collaborative poem dedicated to the ancestors of Cedar Grove which will be created at the end of summer.


Next door, the Hugh Torance House and Store will be open from 2:00 to 5:00 offering new and interesting local artisan goods and fresh local honey, snacks, beer, wine, sundries, and more. Plan to come early and/or stay late to enjoy the historic grounds and tour the oldest standing store in NC. The Hugh Torance House and Store is one of Mecklenburg County’s few surviving 18th-century structures and is adjacent to Cedar Grove, the 1831 Greek Revival home of James Torrance, son of Hugh and Isabella Torance.

​The Store and HEARTS events are operated by the Hugh Torance House and Store (HTHS), a private 501c3 nonprofit. This event is made possible by dedicated volunteers, HEARTS Circle members, community sponsor Lake Norman Realty, and donations. All proceeds benefit HTHS’s efforts to further the HEARTS mission of historic preservation, ecological conservation, and forging community connections in our region. Group tours and volunteer opportunities for stewardship, preservation, and conservation are available. For more information, visit, email, or call (704) 920-9931. The historic Hugh Torance House and Store is located at 8231 Gilead Road, Huntersville, NC 28078.


A Special Invitation to Help Preserve and Share Local History, Art, and Nature

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HEARTS programs are FREE to the community for a reason. We believe there should be no barriers to these high-quality, deeply local, history, art, music, dance, and nature events. HEARTS Circle members are the lifeline to making this possible. In addition, our membership funds advance historic preservation in our region and much more. In appreciation, members are invited to a private gala at Cedar Grove on September 7th, 2024 for a gourmet farm-to-table dinner by the Carolina Farm Trust and music by Kyshona, exclusively for our HEARTS Circle members. Renew or become a member today to secure complimentary tickets for this year's amazing event. We thank you for your support!

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